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Apr. 9th, 2006 @ 01:25 pm Fic: Prompt Twenty: Soul Mate
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Title: Prompt Twenty: Soul Mates
Rating: FRAO
Pairings: Spangel all the way baby!
Author: A. Aurelius
E-mail: alexis_aurelius@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: None of the Characters are mine, they’re owned by Joss and WB.
Spoilers: AtS 5, no spoilers in the episode though…
Notes: This is written for fluffy_spike’s table
Summary: A reporter interviews Angel…

Angel sat on the couch in his office while a female reporter sat opposite of him.

Reporter: Who was the first one you took in as a lover when you first got your soul?
Angel: Buffy, I was given the task to help her with the hell mouth and along the way I fell in love with her.

Reporter: Do you consider you and her as, what the others say, Soul Mates?
Angel: Well, considering she was the one I fell in love with after a century… No, I don’t consider her as my soul mate.

At the same time, Spike barges in. “Peaches, I wanna go shag, c’mon, get your ass in gear and fuck m…”

Spike stops dead in his tracks when he sees the cameras set up with one aimed at him, the reporter and the fucking annoying smirk on Angel’s face. “Fuck!” Spike shouted before bolting out of the office.

The reported was still dumbfounded when she faced Angel who was now sporting a smug grin.

“That,” Angel said motioning to the space where Spike vacated just recently, “is my soul mate.”

~End of Prompt Twenty~
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